ZFS, which stands for Z File System, is a cutting-edge file system which provides top performance for Internet sites and online programs. One of its key advantages is the real-time checksum comparison - each and every file includes a checksum, or a digital fingerprint, and ZFS compares the checksums of all files between the several hard disks working together in a RAID. If any file is corrupted for some reason on one of the hard drives, it is restored from another drive with the correct checksum. This way, the integrity of any file stored on a hosting server is ensured at all times. ZFS also operates faster than other file systems, that enables backups to be generated much faster and without slowing down the overall performance of the entire machine. In addition, ZFS doesn't have a set limit for the total number of files that could be stored on a web server while all other file systems have some restriction that might cause issues eventually, specifically for script applications which have a huge number of files.
ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Shared Hosting
If you decide to host your Internet sites in a shared hosting account from our company, you shall enjoy the advantages of the ZFS file system first-hand because we employ it on all hosting servers that are part of our ground breaking cloud platform. Your files, emails and databases will be stored on hosting servers which use solid state drives and a lot of physical memory that makes it possible to leverage the full potential of the ZFS file system. Due to the fact that backups are generated much faster, we'll keep 4 copies of all your content daily, so if you delete a file or some update ruins your site, you can easily recover everything the way it was through the browsable backups which are available inside your Control Panel. In case there is a web server failure, it takes just a few seconds to switch to a backup server and by employing the ZFS system, we ensure that the new hosting server will have the most recent copy of your site and that none of your files shall be damaged. Our ZFS-powered web hosting plans will provide you with the speed, stability and security that you want for your websites.
ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you choose one of our semi-dedicated hosting solutions, you'll be able to use the full potential of the ZFS file system as we have employed it on all hosting servers which will be used for the storage of any files, databases and e-mail messages that you have inside your account. Our Hepsia Control Panel is designed to operate with it and you shall quickly see the advantages over the hosting services that competitors offer. Your websites will load significantly quicker since all our servers use SSD drives and lots of RAM to make certain that we can fully utilize the functions that ZFS comes with. Taking advantage of the faster backup generation which the latter provides, we will also keep 4 daily backups of your whole account regardless how significant it is and due to the compression rates the file system provides, we could keep the backups significantly longer than other firms. Consequently, not only can we ensure that your websites shall work fast, but also that you shall never need to worry about losing any file or e mail if you erase something accidentally. The ZFS file system also allows us to switch to a redundant server that has the latest copy of your content in real time without any loss of content or service disruptions.